Friday, January 21, 2011

Here's a Funny Story from Stampin' Up! Leadership Conference...

Every year the CFO of Stampin' Up!, Scott Nielson, stands up on the main stage and gives a "numbers speech" for Stampin' Up!'s past year.  Here's a picture of Scott -

This year, Scott announces that he is going to do some stamping while giving us the financial information this year.  While he has always been a funny guy - and very approachable - he is, after all, a numbers guy.    So Scott sits down at the table and starts talking about Stampin' Up! accessories and things but then stops and says he needs to something before he can get started.  Here's what he did --

He used a vinyl and changed the name of the Big Shot to the Big Scott!!!!  For the rest of the conference, everyone was referring to it as a Big Scott.  Very Funny!!!!

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