Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lots of Inspiration and Goodies here in Salt Lake

Last night we attended an event hosted by Lisa Rodriguez, another demonstrator. There was a card swap, a box lunch/dinner and six make & takes. Plus we received a bunch of gifts from her! It was a great event and a great way to start convention.

Here's some of the sweets she provided to us to keep us going while making our make & takes. Her attention to detail was amazing!

Lisa had three areas made up with snacks and goodies for us. Here's the Halloween area. The basket holds little decorated packs of candies. The pinwheels on the right are pixie stix and the front basket held small cards she made.

This is the Thanksgiving area where she had the snack mix with a recipe card, as well as a card and another snack pack for each of us.

Here are the Christmas gifts we received from her. The santa's suits on the left hold a small bottle of hand sanitizer which is great here since there are almost 3,500 demonstrators. Certainly one or two will have colds, right? The santa's suits on the right are post it note holders and the ones in the back are note tablets. Pretty amazing that this one gal made all these for 115 attendees!

Here's a long distance peek at all of the cards on display which provide us with enough inspiration to last the year. Starting tomorrow, there will people three deep taking pictures of the cards. This year I was smart and took my pictures today when people were still arriving from all over the country. Over the next few days, I will post some of my favorite cards from the boards. I will also be posting the cards that I created to swap and some of the cards that I received in return. So check back often!

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