Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Technique Tuesday - Reverse Image Stamping....

Do you ever have an idea for a card like this cute one where you want the animals facing each other but the stamps were made where they both faced in the same direction?  That is the case with this card!  The bunny on the left - I'll call him "Thumper" - actually faces to the left if you stamp him.  But I wanted him to face "Bambi" but how do you make that happen?  Here's how: 
Remember all those scraps of rubber that you kept from when we had to cut our images out?  Here's where that rubber hoarding will pay off.  If you didn't hang onto them, as you get new stamps, look for a piece large enough for stamping images onto.  Mount it onto a block of wood or clear mount it.
Ink your image and stamp down onto your blank piece of rubber. 

Then immediately stamp the blank rubber onto a piece of cardstock.

Now you have Thumper facing the opposite direction!

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