Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas - 11th Gift.....

Here's the second to last gift I made for the Twelve Days of Christmas swap....
 A set of six bookmarks in the petite pocket!  Holly Lunsford inspired me this year at convention with this idea and I thought it was a great one for those who read and share books.  If you have a book that you are going to lend out to someone, you place one of these on the inside cover of the book.  There is a bookmark for the person to use while reading the book which also says who to return the book to when they are done.  Sometimes I don't get to a book right away and cannot remember who gave the book to me.  These would definitely solve that problem.  There are several people on my Christmas List who are receiving these this year!
Here's a close up of the bookmark and the petite pocket.  Just place a few pieces of sticky strip on the back of the pocket and let the recipient know that they just need to peel the top layer off and stick them in their books.  I suspect that I may get requests for more of these from some of my family members who are big book readers which is just fine because they are easy!  The bookmakr was created in My Digital Studio and the petite pocket was stamped.

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