Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here's the Scoop Class....

Here is the second card we made at the Here's the Scoop class. 
 Here's the front of the card.  Can you see the embossed frame around the kitten?  Have you ever tried using this embossing folder and gotten lines on your cardstock where the edge of the folder was?  Or the paper is torn up along the embossing?  Well, keep reading for the solution!
Here's the inside of the card.
And now for the scoop:
  1. Folders: To get embossing without folder edge lines, use “folder sandwich” below.
  2. Cutting Plates: If you are beginning to get cut lines from your cutting plates showing up on your cardstock, use a piece of copy paper between the cardstock and the cutting plate.
  3. Blender Pen to Smooth Stamping:  If your stamped image has some light spots, take a blender pen and the ink and color in the light areas.  Once dry, you cannot tell you went back.
Folder Sandwich

  • Platform with no tabs
  • 1 silicone sheet (since these are retired, you can probably use the crease pad although I have not tested it yet.  I will update my blog when I do.)
  • Cardstock in embossing folder
  • 1 silicone sheet
  • Cutting Plate

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