Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I am a bit behind on things I want to blog about.  I definitely wanted to share this video with you from last month's convention.  Every convention, Stampin' Up! releases and performs a new song to go with our theme. This year's convention theme was "I Am". This is the BEST convention song I've ever heard but what's even more cool is that it's a lip dub shot at our Riverton, Utah corporate office.

The song highlights that we're all independent and the "I Am" theme just speaks to our all being able to run our demonstratorships in the way that suits us best (as a hobby, as a business with lots of events, something in between... whatever!). They want us to be do it our own way whatever that may be to fit our life.

Jim Pitt opens the number on guitar. He helps run the Business Development Program. Opening the door on the left is our VP of Global Operations Dave Baugh. The lady in the black halter dress and white cardigan at the very beginning who starts the singing is Amy Swartz who is the VP in charge of the new annual and Holiday catalogs (my new favorite person after how awesome the catalogs now are). You'll see other Vice Presidents, warehouse staff, Shelli's family, CFO (former New York Yankee), President (he shoots the confetti), demo support agents, etc... Did you  see Shellli?  She pops up against the orange backdrop after the three gals wearing the Designer Fabric.  The video ends up at convention when we see everyone on stage for the first time.  Did you see me?  Five rows back on the left side!  Ha ha!!!
Watch it several times so you can get a feel for this company.  Look at the beautiful office, their decor, window decals in the entry way, etc.... You can even see the area where our orders are fulfilled in the warehouse.  Everywhere you look you can see an inviting place where people are happy to work.  They even have an air hockey table in one of the rooms!

On the opening day of convention, they close the entire corporate office plus the manufacturing plant which is about 4 hours south of Salt Lake and bring everyone who works for Stampin' Up! in the USA to greet us at convention. EVERYONE. Every employee lines the entryway all cheering and screaming and high-fiveing as we walk in. Can you imagine how that feels to see and feel?  Are ya getting a picture of how fun this company is and how much they care about their demonstrators?   Do you want to be a part of it and attend convention with me next year?  All you need to do is sign up!  At $99 for a fully customizable $125 worth of product, how can you refuse?  Click on Shop Now at the top and you will be directed to my online storefront.  Then click on Join Now and sign up!  It's that easy.  If you have any questions, just let me know.  See you at convention next year!

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