Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Technique Tuesday - Creating Perfect Banners....

Do you ever have trouble making the ends of your banners look good?  I did, until I figured out this trick which I am sharing with you today.
 Here's what you need:
  • 1" Square Punch
  • Mono adhesive or a temporary adhesive
  • Two pieces of cardstock - one being 1/4" wider than the other for layering.
 Place a TINY amount of adhesive about half way down your bottom layer and also at one end.
 Place your smaller piece on top lining them up at the ends.
 Here's the first of two tricks for making sure your banner is straight.  Take a ruler and line up on the opposite points on each side of your punch and mark along the ruler at the top using a pencil.
Repeat on the other side.   As you put your banner in the punch, you can see if the center of the banner follows the pencil line. 
 Here's the second tip.  Measure the width of your banner and make a small pencil mark at the half way mark.
 When you go to punch, make sure the pencil mark lines up with the point of the punch.  At the angle that I took this picture, it doesn't look like the pencil line is in line with the center of the banner but it really is.
 Here's what you end up with.  Now separate the two pieces which you should be able to do easily because you have punched away the one little bit of adhesive so they are now only held together by a tiny bit of adhesive part way down.
 Now you can layer them and they line up perfectly!
Here's the finished banner.

Here's what you will need to duplicate this card:

Forever Stampin',
    Cathy Williams

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