Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Technique Tuesday - Quick Tip.....

Here's a quick tip today.  You have probably seen several cute things that you can do with those left over embellishment containers.  I know I have seen lots of great ideas.  Here's a quick tip on how to get the labels off of them easily and below are some ideas on what to do with them.

 Take your Heat Gun and heat the label up.  This works best with the newer labels which have a plastic coating on the top.  You can tell this by the glossiness of the label.
The warmth of  the heat gun heats the adhesive enough that you can just pull the label up without leaving any residue!  No Goo Gone or anything...

So now, what do you do with these?  Here's some ideas:

  • In a recent Technique Tuesday, I showed you how to use them to dye your crepe filter paper flowers.
  • Dye ribbon using the same technique as the flowers using reinkers and rubbing alcohol
  • I use them for all of the little pieces at my classes.  Each attendee has their own little container at their seat which holds ribbons, pearls, brads, small punched items, etc.
  • Take an empty ribbon spool, cut it down to fit inside the container and spool your Baker's Twine on it.  Then punch a hole in the side using a Crop-A-Dile.  Set an eyelet in it and run the twine through for accessing.
  • Fill them with candy and make them the center of a flower using the Floral Frames Collection framelits.  Place them on a wooden stick for a stem and put them in a pot full of candy to hold them up.       

Forever Stampin',
    Cathy Williams

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