Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Technique Tuesday - Tie the Perfect Bow!

Do your bows ever turn out all wonky?  You know, the bow with the loops up and down instead of side by side or one tail going up and the other down?  Want to make a perfect bow every time?  Here you go!!!!
 I am using a piece of ribbon that was wrapped around my prize patrol prize at convention but you can use any size of ribbon.
 Here is the most important part of making a bow - you need to choose a WORKER end and a LAZY end and you always work down (or towards you) not up and away from you.  Whichever side (right or left) that you choose for your WORKER, just keep that one working!  In my instructions, I have chosen the ribbon end on the left as my WORKER.  Here, I take the WORKER and cross it over my LAZY end.
 Next, my WORKER went to the back and up through the hole so he is now on the right side.
 Here, I am holding the LAZY one and the WORKER is now on the right.
 Okay, now we need to at least get that LAZY end to do something!  Just make a loop with the LAZY end pointing to the right.
 Now take your WORKER and come over the top of your LAZY loop, around the back and through the hole you created.
 Now pull your WORKER out on the left side and grab ahold of both loops to tighten.
Here's your finished bow.  Let's check it - Loops side by side?  Yep!  Tails both pointing down?  Yep!  PERFECT!!!!

Forever Stampin',
    Cathy Williams

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