Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Cassidy!!!!

Our sweet little Cassidy turns 18 today!  It seems like just a few years ago we took this picture of her with her favorite hat!  Now, we are literally up in Bozeman, Montana, celebrating her 18th birthday and saying good bye as she starts college at Montana State University, studying architecture.  How she has changed over the years!
Now, a card story about Cassidy.  I couldn't go without a cardmaking post now could I?  I have told Cassidy for years that any time she needed a card for a friend's birthday or a thank you card for a gift, she could go into my craft room and either make one herself or get one out of my boxes of cards.  For the first few years, she would go in and make one but as she got older, she would just go in and take one of mine.  Well, this year at Mother's Day, I opened my Mother's Day card and found a card that I had made!  Cassidy said "you said I could use them when I needed one!"  We all got a great laugh out of how I received my own card on Mother's Day but the special sentiment she wrote inside makes that card very special!

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