Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Legacy Room at Stampin' Up!

On Monday, I posted a picture of me sitting at a desk in the Legacy Room at Stampin' Up!'s Riverton home office. Here are a couple more pictures from the Legacy Room. Every year, they change some things and display different projects so it is fun to see what they do each year.

 Take a look at this little girl's room - isn't it adorable?  Did you notice the chandelier?  Isn't that something!?
 I am sitting by the "fireplace" for the Christmas display.  Again, Stella talked me into sitting down to take the picture.  Wouldn't your home look gorgeous at Christmas if you did the decorations like this?
Finally, what a festive table for a party!  Check out the centerpiece.  Wouldn't it be fun to have little gifts in each of those boxes for the birthday boy/girl? 
Do these pictures inspire you to use your Stampin' Up! supplies to decorate your home?  I always have great intentions of making decorations but never seem to get there.....

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